We just wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with our spa. My brother used ours twice before buying one for himself making us a Sundance Family! Thanks a lot – keep up the good work!

Jonathan H.

Twenty minutes in the Sundance Spa guarantees a good night’s sleep and a feeling of refreshment the next morning.
And finally, the only good news about my diagnosis of arthritis and fybromylagia; I was able to take the expense of my Spa as a deduction on my income taxes. I simply asked my physician for the prescription!

Peggy G.

My new Majestic Spa by Sundance Spas is so wonderful! Joints, muscle aches, sore feet were all massaged until we were totally relaxed. Slept great, felt great, all night long! One of the best investments we have ever made!

Carol T. – Blue Ridge, Ga

We chose Spa and Deck Creations, for our dealer mainly for the quality of the products they offer. We had a spa before, and our new spa has more jets that are stronger and better, more therapeutic. We use it for fun, therapy, pain relief and relaxation.

William S. – Morgaton, Ga

We previously owned a Sundance spa, and we got a new Altamar. We like the upgraded filtration system and the Sunpurity Mineral Purifier. no foaming, ever. It is outside on our screened in porch surrounded by garden and forest. We use it for fun and relaxation, as well as pain relief.

Betty & George C. – Hiawassee, Ga

We were referred to Spa and Deck Creations, and wanted our dealer close to home. We bought a Jacuzzi model in 2000. Our spa is sunken in wood deck, next to the house, and surrounded by our gardens. It is quick and easy to use, we use it for relaxation, family time, improved seep, and pain relief.

Amanda B. – Young Harris, Ga

We invested in a Jacuzzi 360 model in 2002. This is our first experience with spa ownership. We chose Spa and Deck Creations, Inc. to be our dealer, because of convenience of location at our home, and friendly service. We use our hot tub for family time, and fun. Our tub is more of and entertainment place for family and friends, which also helps us relax after those stressful days at work. We also use it for quality time.

Charlene & Micah F. – McCaysville Ga

We have a Sundance Caprio, and bought it in May of 2005. We really like our new spa, as compared to our older one, it is deeper, and easier to clean, and keep the water regulated, temp. and sanitizer. We have it sunk 1/2 way into a wooden deck surrounded by dogwoods and evergreens on the eastside of the house, accessed from the ground floor or the upper deck-very private. The staff at Spa and Deck Creations gives us friendly service, and knowledgeable. They service what they sell. We use it almost daily and can’t begin to enumerate how it has added to our enjoyment of life.

Aileen & Mike G.

We got a good deal, great service and friendly treatment from Spa and Deck Creations. Our new spa is trouble free, and much easier to maintain then our other one. We use it for Relaxation, improved sleep, pain relief, family time, and fun. We enjoy this unit thoroughly.

Ranier A. – Hiawassee, Ga

We followed our friends recommendation, and used the internet to help us choose Spa and Deck Creations, and are glad we did! Our new spa is much better, than our old one. It is easier to clean and get the water in and out. We use it for our back pain, family time, and therapy.

Deborah B. – Blairsville, Ga

My new spa is so much better than my old one, it has better jets, they are stronger for me, I need help with my pain in my hip and back. I chose Spa and Deck Creations to be my dealer because of their convenient location in Union County

Florence F. – Blairsville, Ga

We liked the owners of Sundance Spas of Blue Ridge, and Spa and Deck Creations, so we bought our Sundance Marin. We like it better than our old spa, because of the seating, and the ozone generator. We use it for therapy, pain relief and relaxation. This is the best Spa Ever!!

John C. – Blue Ridge, Ga

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